Generators & accessories


1400 kVA matching network

24 kW Induction

3.6kw Case + control system

Induction case

Induction trolley

12 kW Induction

A range of products from 3.6kW to 24kW. Transportable, fixed or construction site products.

Air or water-cooled inductors

Rectangular inductor

Brazing inductor


Annealing inductor

Flexible inductors

Resin preheating

Flexible inductor with 9 independent zones

Human Machine Interface

Designed to simplify induction

  • Customizable: we design the HMI specifically for your application and it only has what you need. Nothing more, nothing less!
  • Temperature control: a multitude of applications for temperature control.
  • Multipurpose: compatible with several other devices.
  • EMC robust: optimized for disruptive environments common to induction heating.


Analog pedal (on/off) allows for hands-free use of the generator

Controllers and large-diameter buttons adapted to wearing heat-resistant gloves

Remote control system






Remote control system Turret / beacon allows you to monitor operation from a distance

Temperature and control

Surface temperature sensor

High performance EMC transmitter







Standard or metal-specific pyrometer

Magnetic sensor


We offer a whole range of sensors and transmitters specifically designed for the induction industry.

  • Low inertia thermocouple to measure surface temperature.
  • Infrared sensor with dual laser sighting and short wavelength for metals.
  • “Robust” temperature transmitter to withstand harsh EMC environment.
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Small-diameter enameled thermocouple wire, PT100, microCTN, etc.

Temperature control:

Temperature control is a key factor for induction, so we designed a control system based on the Sliding Mode technology.