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Interested in an induction system under your own brand name and for your own product? It’s an effective option and we can do it for you.

Including induction in your product allows you:

  • To differentiate yourself from competitors on your market
  • To gain a technological advantage over your competitors
  • To increase your profit: your product can boast more value for money

A new market, an innovation or a new process? Please feel free to contact us: our team is at your service!  

Examples of achievements:

  • A manufacturer was looking for a simple induction system that didn’t need to be adjusted for a particular mechanical engineering application. We developed a solution that included auto-recognition of the load and automatic choice of the heating cycle, with no need for an operator.
  • An American medical device company was looking for an induction system with a high reactive power of 100kVA, that surgeons could easily travel with (by plane, car, etc.) and that could run on every kind of electric network in the world. ID Partner designed an innovative carry-on suitcase and ensured its technical compliance with UL medical standards.