R&D Conception

Created by R&D engineers, ID Partner researches and designs user-friendly and customized technical solutions. We have considerable experience working with several technologies: EMC, heat science, control and power electronics. The company is entitled to French government research tax credit (C.I.R.)

Electromagnetic compatibility

We put special emphasis on compliance with standards and compatibility with sensitive systems.


Electromagnetic compatibility


Heat Science

Local or uniform heating, fluid flow or heat radiation: our R&D unit runs all aspects of thermal engineering.


Infrared thermal analyses




Sliding Mode Control

We are actively working on optimizing processes such as the sliding mode, MPC, and multi-loop systems to achieve robust control, which can adapt to system nonlinearity (radiation, phase change, diffusion) and the power of induction.


Power electronics




Our customers enjoy the benefits of miniaturized induction systems as well as increased performance thanks to our regular developments in power electronics.


Multiphysics simulation:

Our network of partners allows us to perform simulations for a variety of occurring physical phenomena.

Comsol Simulation hot furnace

Comsol simulation of a hot furnace


Wireless power transfer

Our company’s expertise in various technologies allows us to partner with electricity distributors to co-develop wireless battery charging.


Wireless charging